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HYDROLUX HL7000 - Electro-acoustic leak detector with ground microphone, sensor rod and tracer gas

HYDROLUX HL7000 - Electro-acoustic leak detector with ground microphone, sensor rod and tracer gas

manufacturer: SEBA KMT
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HYDROLUX HL7000 - Electro-acoustic leak detector with ground microphone, stethoscope and leak gas sensor.

    The HL7000 ground noise system provides you with a wide range of options for locating leaks thanks to the variable design and the automatic 360° sensor recording. Work assignments lasting more than 10 hours are no problem thanks to the powerful lithium-ion rechargeable batteries. 
    The Bluetooth® capable, wind-protected piezoelectric ground microphone with integrated pre-amplification clearly picks up extremely low leakage frequencies on soft materials such as PVC or PE, and also high frequencies on steel or cast iron pipes.        Each part of the HL7000 equipment has its own place in the robust charging and transport case. 
All chargeable components such as the operating unit, the sensor rod and the Bluetooth® headphones can be charged together in the case thanks to pre-installed charging cables.
   Thanks to the tracer gas sensor PAM H-7 (option) is able to pinpoint locations of commonly problematic small leaks. For this purpose, a tracer gas mixture (hydrogen and nitrogen) is used, which passes through soil, asphalt and also concrete layouts.

Special options:
  • All wireless with Bluetooth® 
  • Intuitive color touch display 
  • Always ready to use due to powerful lithium-ion rechargeable batteries 
  • Integrated GPS receiver with audio mapping 
  • Ambient noise reduction 
  • Audio, frequency and level analysis 
  • Tracer gas detection option

Consist of:
HL7000 operating unit
PAM W-7 ground microphone with wind protection and handle
Piezoelectric Microphone PAM CORR-2
Bluetooth headset
Hydrolux-View software

Additional equipment - as option:
Leakage gas sensor PAM H-7
Stethoscope microphone PAM T-7
Foot traverse for stethoscope PAM T-3
Universal active microphone PAM CORR 3
Water flow modulator PWG 2000
Electromechanical noise generator RSP-3
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