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GeoTape 2in1 - 20 m laser rangefinder with 5 m measuring tape

GeoTape 2in1 - 20 m laser rangefinder with 5 m measuring tape

code: GF080900
manufacturer: geo-FENNEL
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The offered GeoTape 2in1 steel  measuring tape/ laser rangefinder with a measuring tape length of 5 m and accuracy class II from geo-FENNEL (Germany) is enclosed in a durable rubberized thermoplastic case. A laser rangefinder with a range of 20 m is installed in the body.
     The laser rangefinder's lithium-ion battery provides 5 hours of continuous operation.
The 19 mm wide end of the measuring tape is equipped with a magnetic holder. This  measuring tape/ rangefinder is ideal for construction applications - with a maximum allowable 50 N tape pull force and high precision rangefinder, it can be used in a wide variety of applications.

Description of GeoTape 2 in1:
20m laser rangefinder
5 meter steel measuring tape with magnetic tip
Powder coated tape
Durable thermoplastic housing
Magnetric starting point
Roulette technical data:
Accuracy of measuring tape - +1.5 mm / 5 m
The length of the tape is 5 m.
The width of the tape - 19 mm.
Accuracy - EEC Class II
Maximum tensile force - 50 N
Technical data of the laser rangefinder:
Working range - 20 m
Accuracy - +2 mm
Automatic shutdown of laser / tool - 30/180 sec.
Laser red / class - 630-670 nm / 2
Units of measurement - mm / m / m²
Operating temperature from 0 ° C to + 40 ° C
Power supply - Li-Ion battery
Charging - Mini-USB port
Dimensions - 83 x 79 x 54mm
Weight - 275 g
Measuring tape / laser rangefinder GeoTape 2in1
USB / Mini-USB cable
Packaging and instructions
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