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Hybrid non-reflector laser distance meters TruPulse 200h

Hybrid non-reflector laser distance meters TruPulse 200h

manufacturer: Laser Tehnology
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Laser Technology Inc. non-reflector laser distance meters The TruPulse 200h is the world's first hybrid laser distance meters - it delivers 1.5mm accuracy in distances up to 100m in phase mode and 2-4mm in distances up to 500m in pulse mode.

       Like all TruPulse 200 Series Laser Meters, it measures horizontal, oblique and vertical distances thanks to the built-in inclinometer.
      The manufacturer provides laser distance meters with new free WorkSite App software to expand the capabilities of the TruPulse 200h and make it easier, safer and more efficient for professionals in their daily work. The body design features a durable dust / waterproof design for harsh environments.
       The tool is also easy to integrate with your current GPS / GNSS technology and software / applications, providing not only unmatched accuracy but also availability.

Key Features:

Hybrid Measurement Technology (HMT): Combines outdoor rangefinder pulse technology with indoor rangefinder phase technology.
Accuracy: Achieves accuracy from millimeter to centimeter.
Heads-Up (HUD) Display: Extremely bright and contrasting display, easy to read in all workplace lighting conditions, both indoors and outdoors!
Designed for harsh working conditions: Designed for everyday use in harsh environments with an extremely durable IP67 dust and waterproof construction for today's active workforce.
Bluetooth Smart Dual Standby: Combines Bluetooth Classic wireless technology and Bluetooth SMART (Low Energy) to connect to any type of data acquisition device.
ruTargeting: Automatically provides the best accuracy and distance to the selected destination.

Technical data:


Distance accuracy:

+ 2 ÷ 4cm in pulse mode, + 1.5mm in phase mode

Typical goals: 

the quality of the target may be affected by atmospheric conditions such as heat, dust, target reflectance, transverse angle to the target and beam propagation.

Inclination accuracy:

+ 0,1 ° typical

Maximum distance::

500m pulse technology mode, 100m phase technology mode.

TruTargeting Adaptive Resolution:

0,00m with pulsed lasers to high quality targets, 0.0m with pulsed laser to low quality targets.

Units of measurement::

Feet, meters, degrees, percent slope


2 pieces AA 1.5V alkaline batteries

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