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Floor-to-Ceiling-Pillar ADA Silver Plus with tripod and magnetic wall adapter, 3,6m height

Floor-to-Ceiling-Pillar ADA Silver Plus with tripod and magnetic wall adapter, 3,6m height

code: AD250200
manufacturer: ADA
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The ADA Silver Plus rod-tripod is equipped with a stable tripod for laser level mounting up to 3.6 m in height and a wall-mounted magnetic adapter ADA MAGNETIC LIFT.

        The ADA Silver Plus is a 5-section foldable (screw-on) system, complete with a tripod support and a multifunction  wall magnetic adapter.
        ADA Silver Plus can be clamped between floor and ceiling. Maximum height 3.6 m. Laser's mounting screws with 5/8 "and 1/4" threads. All 5 temples, tripod and magnetic wall adapter fit in a comfortable soft bag.
       ADA Silver Plus is an ideal tripod rod for laser levels in rooms with a ceiling height up to 3.6m and more. It takes up very little space. The platform of the vertically movable tool makes it easy to align the laser at the desired height mark and thus work without wasting time on the marks.
       If the ceiling is higher than 3.6 m, but the required working height is up to 3.6 m, then use a tripod support that allows you to set up and operate the instrument without pinching the stand between the ceiling and the floor.

The ADA Silver Plus instrument's shelf is equipped with a detachable ADA MAGNETIC LIFT wall mount magnetic adapter, which can also be used separately by attaching the adapter to various types of iron structures (including pipes), hanging it on a screw / nail hole, and placing it on a tripod.
  • ADA MAGNETIC LIFT adapter is adjustable in height from 0 to 11 cm.
  • Strong neodymium magnets are used to attach the adapter to ADA Silver Plus and metal structures.
  • For fastening to an iron pipe, there is a special longitudinal groove in the body and magnet.
  • Equipped with two types of thread for tools fastening - 1/8 "and 5/8".

Data sheet:
Maximum height: 3.6m
Number of sections: 5
Leveling thread: 5/8 "and 1/4"
Weight: 2.1 kg

Includes soft bag.
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